If you’re playing in the sandbox of business on any level, you’ve got a brand. Whether you’re actively fostering that brand to flourish is an entirely different matter. NDC helps clients all over the world nurture their presence and grow.

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Custom built; because calling ourselves web developers means knowing how the web is built, how to optimize for it, how to make style and efficiency dance together in elegant interactions, how to provide functionality that works, and how to fix things when they break.

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All an honest algorithm wants to do is help humans find the things they’re searching for. Our white hat search grows your website’s presence and makes the world an information-rich place that’s easy to explore.

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Good design is harmonizing information; Great design is all that plus using data to refine the harmony down to frictionless interactions and compelling moments of communication. There is a lot less subjectivity in design than what’s assumed. Guiding clients to the revelation of objective design solutions is a mission our designers embrace.



Harlan York & Associates

Branding / Print / Web Development / Web Design

At Harlan York & Associates our immigration attorneys use their extensive experience on thousands of cases and daily reviews of new developments in the constantly changing field of immigration law to give you the best legal counsel available.

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Nomads Hemp Wear

Web Development / Web Design

For the past 14 years, Nomads Hemp Wear have created durable, comfortable, yet still extremely stylish eco-fashion: organic and fair-trade clothes for men and women out of the best Gaia-loving sustainable fabrics the planet has to offer.

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Marseille’s Remedy® Traditional Thieves’ Oil

Branding / Photography / Web Development / Web Design

Founded nearly a decade ago, Salt Spring Naturals products combine essential oils from a timeless recipe to form our Marseille’s remedy traditional thieves’ oil and Marseille’s remedy traditional thieves’ balm in a therapeutic blend of 5 classic oils.

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Yoga Montañita

Branding / Web Development / Web Design

Established in 2011, we are the first and only yoga studio in Montañita, Ecuador! Located a short walk from town, we offer an organic, bamboo studio with a schedule full of varied classes.

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Harterra Spatial Solutions

Branding / Web Development / Web Design

HARTerra is passionate about all things geospatial. Agile and creative, we are collaborative and supportive of our clients and love to share our knowledge.

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Shambhala Music Festival

Web Development / Digital Innovation

Shambhala Music Festival was born from a vision as grassroots as it gets. On a sunny Labour Day weekend back in 1998, some 500 people gathered at the Salmo River Ranch for a party that showcased local art and music.

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Living Lakes Canada

Web Development / Web Design

Living Lakes Canada bridges the gap between science and action to foster citizen-based water stewardship. Our mandate is to help Canadians understand the intimate connections between water quantity, water quality, land-use, climate change, biodiversity, and healthy human communities by building a water stewardship ethic that all Canadians can be proud of.

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What makes NDC Different

Nelson Design Collective pools professional talent and resources to provide a craft-orientated focus on each project we undertake. It is this spirit of collaboration that sets us apart from traditional agencies where the relationship is built on salaries and overhead and not always the passion for the work.

We’ve got a big wheelhouse, broad skills, gobs of experience, and folks who speak in normal, easily understood language when conveying complex, and detailed information about a project.